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David Molyneux, photographer:


Virtual Tours

With virtual tours the camera is fixed in a central position and rotated on a 360 degree axis to create the image.

Navigation is done through hotspots, a drop-down list or both.

Virtual tours can be linked to virtual demonstrations.

Virtual Demonstrations

With virtual demonstrations the object remains in a central position and the camera is rotated around the object to create the images.

Information, videos and photos can be accessed via hotspots or icons.

Virtual demonstrations can be linked to virtual tours.

On PC/Laptop click and hold left mouse button and slide sideways, up and down. On cell phone slide finger sideways, up and down.

For navigation use hotspots or drop down in top right corner.

On PC/Laptop click and hold left mouse button and slide sideways.

On cell phone side finger sideways.

Panoramic Photography

Panoramic photographs consist of multiply photographs stiched together to create the final image. A 180 degree photo can be printed up to five metres long. Ideal for reception areas and board rooms or any empty wall.


Single photograph incorporating a panoramic image and two single images including company logo.

Photography of any subject.

Product photography incorporating single or multiple products in one image.

Event photography including panoramic photos, virtual tours and videography.



Show your business or event in action and see the results from beginning to end in less than a few minutes.

A Day in the Life.........

A basic, realistic look into the career of a person by following them from the morning through to the end of the evening.

A documentation of their day using video footage and narration.

Walkthrough Videography

Walkthrough videography offers a unique insight into areas most people don’t get to see.

Event Videography

We get close to the action to document your event with a combination of video, virtual tours, single and panoramic photography.

A Summary Of What We Can Offer Your Company

Examples of single and panoramic photography, virtual tours, virtual demonstrations, time-lapse, walkthrough videography, aerial virtual tours and videography.